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Production and wholesale of genuine leather products Made in Italy

Our company operates in the leather goods sector from 2006 and we are specialised in the production and wholesale of genuine leather bags, strictly Made in Italy.

Our goal is to make high quality handcrafted bags for men and women with the unique characteristic of the Vintage style, the result of a meticulous production process using the best calf skins and fine accessories.

At the base of our philosophy there is a deep attention to the production process of leather processing, which must start from the rigorous choice of raw materials. For this we select only leather that is made in Italy, and  treat it with the utmost care in every phase, to guarantee an excellent quality result.

During the years of activity in the wholesale trade of genuine leather products, we have had the opportunity to work with different types of customers. From small retailers, large stores, wholesalers and distributors, all our customers have chosen us for excellent quality of our products. Quality that we have chosen to make our distinctive trait and one of the essential aspects of our collection. To quality we must add the meticulous work and the attention to detail that we dedicate to each product.

From over 10 years we are partners of many high-end boutiques in Europe, America and Asia, and we have our Showroom in Sesto Fiorentino Osmannoro, in the beating heart of Florentine leather goods.

If you want to see the complete catalog of our products and be able to access the technical data sheets and price lists, please register by clicking on the button below.


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