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LA VIA Firenze is an Italian company that produces and sells leather bags wholesale.

For our products, we choose only the best quality materials and we produce a wide range of accessories and bags in genuine leather, strictly Made in Italy. We work leather with the utmost care and attention to detail, to offer our customers a product of excellence.


LA VIA Firenze offers a wide range of specialised services.

From cutting and preparation, to assembly and sewing, colouring and packaging, we can offer all the services in the production process of high quality articles Made in Italy. Write us at to receive our digital catalog!


Our production of genuine leather bags comes from the careful selection of high quality raw materials, a meticulous sartorial process and a particular attention to the colouring of the articles, in order to obtain a perfect Vintage style.


We offer a large assortment of women’s hand bags, made of genuine calfskin Made in Italy. LA VIA Firenze bags are available in many models and colours. You can request custom lines and application of your Brand in Private Label. .


In addition to offering the possibility to customise items or apply your own Brand, we can also make tailor-made bags, backpacks and wallets. Send us your design and we will transform it into a product made especially for you, always with our distinct quality and attention to detail!


LA VIA Firenze is a complete collection with a wide choice of styles, details and colours.

With over 100 different models, a wide range of about 15 colours to choose from, and different types of braiding and details available, you can create your unique collection of accessories and bags in genuine leather. Wallets, handbags, shoulder bags, travel bags, backpacks and much more!

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