Our company specializes in Private Label, our Customers entrust us with their custom projects because we have proven to be among the best in this activity: from the development of the model paper, to the choice of materials, up to the application of the Brand on the product. .

Our products can be:
1) Neutral: we apply only the internal stamp “Genuine Leather Made in Italy”
2) Trademark: we also apply our “La Via Firenze” stamp internally and/or externally to the product
3) Private label: we also apply our Customer’s Trademark internally and/or externally to the product
4) Custom: we study and develop the custom product of our Customer

It is possible to choose some styles from our Collection and customize them, or create the model from scratch following your instructions: there are no limits to our creativity!

During the design phase we are in constant contact with our customer, in order to perfect every detail and be sure of the success of the work.

Our strengths are:
1) High quality product, from leather to accessories
2) Soft and durable leather, which improves with time
3) Product without seasonality, excellent sales all year round
4) Wide range of models and colors
5) Speed and responsiveness in production and shipping
6) Pre and post sales assistance
7) Possibility of national exclusivity

We can develop Samples of the Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer collections, we can assist you in participating in sector fairs with our products, and we guarantee you full support of all your projects with us.

Since we have large stock in stock, thanks to a high production capacity, many models / colors are available for immediate delivery, or we work on programmed frequencies.

The style of our product is mainly vintage, thanks to the washing process to which the products are subjected at the end of the craftsmanship. However, we often develop customized models in classic style, even with other types of leather, at the request of our Customer.

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