Our production of genuine leather bags with Vintage effect includes different models, for example handbags, shoulder bags, shoulder bags, travel bags, clutches, backpacks and wallets for men and women. Everything comes from the careful selection of high quality raw materials, a meticulous tailoring process and a particular attention to the products useful for the coloring of the articles, in order to obtain a perfect Vintage style.

Cutting and Preparation

The Leather Working Process carried out by La Via Firenze begins with the selection, cutting and preparation of the hides of the best calves. After selecting the type of die according to the model you want to make, the cut is done by hand or by machine to compose the article; the preparation follows, which consists in skinning, grilling, and arranging for coloring.


Before staining, a spring is performed, which allows for more accurate staining of the skin. Polishing follows, then the spring again and finally a final step with coloring.

Assembly and Sewing

An important step in the various stages of the production of our genuine leather bags is the assembly. The bag must be prepared for the “edge dye” and “the rib”, after which we move on to sewing and assembly.


The product passes to quality control in all its parts, after which it is packaged with labels, guarantee mark and bag, according to the customer’s needs.

Private Label

Private Label service with materials, colors and details chosen by you and for you.

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