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produzione di borse in vera pelle


Our production of genuine leather handbags with Vintage effect includes various models, such as hand bags, shoulder bags, shoulder bags, travel bags, clutches, backpacks and wallets for men and women. Everything comes from the careful selection of high quality raw materials, a meticulous sartorial process and a particular attention to the products useful for colouring the items, in order to obtain a perfect Vintage style.

produzione di borse in vera pelle taglio e preparazione

Cutting and Preparation

The process of leather processing carried out by La Via Firenze begins with the choice, with the cutting and preparation of the skins of the best calves. After selecting the type of die according to the model you want to make, you perform the hand or machine cut to compose the item; the preparation follows, which consists in fleshing, masking, and arranging for colouring.

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Before proceeding with colouring, the grinding wheel is made, which allows a more accurate colouring of the skin. Polishing follows, then again the spring and finally a final step with colouring.


Assembly and Sewing

An important step in the various stages of production of our genuine leather bags is assembly. The bag must be prepared for the “tingibordo” and “la costola”, after which you go on to sewing and assembly.



The product passes to quality control in all its parts, after which it is packaged with labels, guarantee mark and bag, depending on the Customer’s needs.

Leather craft tools and utensils on a white wooden background

Private Label

Private Label Service with materials, colours and details chosen by you and for you.

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